Station Facilities

Forbes Biological Station has the facilities in place to support extensive field and laboratory based research.

We also have the ability to house visiting scientists, students, and technicians on-site in our bunkhouse, with beds for 8 people, with shared laundry, kitchen, and bathroom areas. This space often fills up well in advance.

We have space within our waterfowl pens to house over 300 ducks, across several enclosures. We have a long track record of using waterfowl in captivity to answer a wide variety of management relevant questions from estimations of True Metabolizable Energy, to the sub-lethal impacts of invasive parasites on Lesser Scaup. We are often planning our captive waterfowl work 12-24 months out to ensure we can house the necessary birds in a safe and healthy manner.

If you have specific questions about collaborating with us on a future project and how our facility might be able to support your work, please contact Director, Auriel Fournier (