Last flight of 2020 fall migration

We flew most of the waterfowl survey on Tuesday January 5th and finished up the last of the upper Illinois River on January 8th. Fog and low ceilings plagued us this week above Peoria. Most of the ducks are now gone except for a few mallards, common goldeneyes, and common mergansers. A raft of Canvasbacks is hanging on near Nauvoo, Illinois. I never did see the large numbers of Canvasbacks this fall on Pool 19. I think they may have overflown us during the Christmas Holiday. This was my last flight of the 2020 fall migration. We will start flying again in mid-February, or when the ice starts to break up.

Good Luck to the goose hunters and the southern duck hunters!

This was our view of Pool 19 near Hamilton, Illinois on Tuesday afternoon. Plenty of ice with only a few pockets of open water.

Illinois River Aerial Survey – 1/5/2021

Central Mississippi River Aerial Survey – 1/5/2021